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Second Sunday of Easter

Second Sunday of Easter

Let your Church raise its voice in a song of love, life and freedom for all.
We pray to the Lord.

Let our world be of one heart and mind,
Sharing with one another,
Caring for one another,
Distributing resources according to each one’s need.
We pray to the Lord.

Let love flow in to the places
Where there is pain, loneliness, or isolation.
We pray to the Lord.

Let your peace with justice fill our world,
We remain mindful of our sisters and brothers
in Ukraine, Haiti, and the Holy Land.
We pray to the Lord.

Let the newly baptized and confirmed,
Take their unique place in the mission of your Church.
We pray to the Lord.

Let forgiveness and mercy wash away bitterness, bigotry and hatred.
We pray to the Lord.

Let belief in your resurrection be the foundation
of our homes, our work, our choices, our lives.
We pray to the Lord.

Let our dead,
(Insert names)
Live forever in the new and eternal Jerusalem.
we pray to the Lord.

Prayer of the Faithful content may be used in whole or in part as part of the liturgy at any church, but they may not be copied and published online without prior written permission.

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