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A Prayer for Music Ministers in Holy Week

Lord, you graced your world with the sound of music,
In the song of birds, the rushing of water, the whisper and rage of wind.
You have gifted your people with voices to make unto you a joyful noise,
And hands to play upon instruments to guide and accompany them.

This week, O Lord, we call holy.
We live in a solemn solidarity with you
that fills each day with wonder and awe.
In this annual journey of your passion, death, and resurrection,
we recommit ourselves to live as your disciples.

But this week is difficult for your ministers.
There is much to plan, rehearse, and adjust.
There remain parts to be written, copies to be made, instruments to tune.
Voices are excited, but tired.
Time seems short, and sleep, brief.

In the midst of our doing, gift us moments of grace.
When we are exhausted, sustain us.
When frustrated, calm us.
When our careful preparations are thwarted by reality,
Remind us again that you are God, and we are not.
You ask only for our heart, not perfection, and that we freely offer.

Make us holy, as you are holy, in this holy week.

We ask all this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

A prayer for music ministers in Holy Week written by Mary Dumm, D.Min, who is a founding board member of CLEF and the pastoral associate at St. Blase Church in Sterling Heights, Michigan. Additionally, she teaches at Siena Heights University and SS. Cyril and Methodius Seminary.

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