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Donate to CLEF

CLEF offers training and resources for ensemble musicians at all skill levels across the United States, but particularly those in smaller, rural, or culturally diverse church communities where resources are limited and professionally trained musicians are not common. Our work is made possible by the support of generous donors and sponsors.

When donating to CLEF, supporters can choose from one of three funds:

  • General Fund: Provides operating expenses, the technology needed for weekly CLEF Life resources online and via email, and our outreach efforts to more rural and diverse church communities.
  • Summer Program Scholarship Fund: Helps provide scholarships for first-time attendees at the CLEF Summer Program.
  • Program Fund: Supports the ongoing development of programs for ensemble musicians, including the CLEF Summer Program.

CLEF is an all-volunteer organization, which means all donations go directly to supporting our mission to facilitate full, conscious, and active participation in the liturgy through supportive training, education, and an active network of musicians and liturgists.

Prefer to donate by check?

Click here to make a pledge. Once you submit the pledge form, you’ll see a confirmation message with an address to mail your check.