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About CLEF

We open the hearts of those who open the hearts of others

Support for ensemble musicians of all skill levels

We understand the unique challenges and opportunities for ensemble musicians, and we recognize that a considerable void exists in the formation and training available to ensembles, especially in smaller, rural, or culturally diverse church communities. 

CLEF embraces the beautiful diversity of Church in how we support the liturgy and our communities with the gift of music. We are an inclusive community where all are welcome regardless of gender, race, culture, age, or ability.  

Education and training

Our in-person programs for skill-building, formation, and training include the week-long CLEF Summer Program in Ohio and three-day ensemble workshops hosted by churches and dioceses in various locations across the country. 

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Online resources

Our online CLEF Life resources include weekly posts of video or written content on a wide range of topics relevant to ensemble musicians. Existing content can be searched by topic to help connect you to relevant resources. 

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Community support

One of the most powerful aspects of CLEF is our community that connects online through a private Facebook group and through direct communication to share resources and offer support for one another throughout the year.

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CLEF About our team

About our team

The founding board members of CLEF have been involved as musicians and liturgists in ensembles for decades. Our team includes university-trained musicians, doctorate-level liturgists, and ensemble musicians with no formal training. In addition to our board members, we have many committee volunteers who give of their time and talent to help advance our mission.  

Our vision and mission

Mission: CLEF is a partnership of ensemble directors, instrumentalists, singers, and liturgists who believe in the importance of ensemble music in Catholic liturgy. We have a desire to facilitate full, conscious, and active participation in the liturgy through supportive training, education, and an active network of musicians and liturgists.

Vision: CLEF embraces the beautiful diversity of Church. Our unique call is to offer training and support to all ensemble directors, instrumentalists, and singers, particularly those in smaller, rural, and/or culturally diverse church communities where resources are limited and professionally trained musicians are not common.

Frequently asked questions

No, we are not a membership organization and don’t plan to be. We’re a community of people who are passionate about the role of ensemble music in liturgy. We sometimes use the word members when talking about members of our community, but there are no dues and no requirements to join the CLEF community. 

No, you don’t need to be Catholic to attend our programs or access our online CLEF Life resources. While our founding board members and faculty primarily serve as ensemble musicians in Catholic church communities, we welcome ensemble musicians from many faith traditions to join us. To quote a popular song from our faith tradition, “All are welcome.”

We welcome your support through time, talent, or treasure. To help advance our mission, we invite you to consider volunteering on one of our committees or making a tax-deductible donation. CLEF is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization recognized by the IRS and the state of Ohio.