On-Site Support Team

Behind every successful operation, there are the people who make it happen. At CLEF, we are lucky to have a dedicated team that knows all the ins and outs of running a program like ours. With decades of combined experience, they arrive from all over the country a day before the program begins, prepare rooms for ensemble classes and private coaching sessions, and are ready to help with registration, arrival, and any and all questions you have during the week. Welcome!

Mary Lou Cantrell

Summer Program Coordinator, Chief Cat Herder, CLEF Director

May Lou is our fearless leader who keeps us going, keeps us organized, and keeps us smiling.

Gil Andrada

Assistant Chief Cat Herder

Gil supports Mary Lou with planning, logistics, and keeping track of the many details required to make a week-long program a success.

Todd Dockrill

Transportation & Logistics

Todd and his van help get participants from the airport to the JSC, as well as between buildings when needed. Todd also assists with audio support and anywhere else that help is needed.

Cathy Farina

Chief Minion

Cathy is Mary Lou’s right hand ‘Gal Friday’ and is the coordinator of all CLEF Family Socials.

Ann Von Hagel

General Factotum

Ann is our “Information Central” person who oversees check-ins, lost & found, shirts, and on-site computer assistance. Ann also maintains boxes of spare toiletries.

Peter Maher

Institutional Memory

If it has happened before, Peter knows it (and remembers it)! Peter is wherever needed, whenever needed. The man doesn’t sleep for a week – Peter lives on coffee and can be bribed with a Starbucks Venti!

Andy Wallace

Sound Tech Support and Logistics

Andy hauls a trailer filled with audio equipment to Ohio and makes us all sound wonderful throughout the week. You can often find Andy leading late-night jam sessions.

Additional team members who make this week possible include:

  • Jeanne Dumond, who creates the beautiful door signs that make sure our participants can find the correct room.
  • John Kennedy is our official photographer and videographer for the week.
  • Ruth Petrunak, who helps Mary Dumm with all things art and environment to create meaningful spaces for worship and reflection.
  • Chris St. Clair, CLEF Director, who handles technical infrastructure and makes all the magic happen for personalized schedules for each participant.
  • Bryan Warren helps with organizing and promoting our merch space, where faculty members and participants can offer CDs, printed materials, artwork, sound equipment, instruments, and other items for sale during the week.
  • Linda Wesley, our communications chair who supports CLEF outreach, website content, social media, and other marketing efforts with the support of the communications committee. Linda also takes lots of photos and video during the week.