Behind every successful operation, there are the people who make it happen. At CLEF, we are lucky to have a dedicated team that knows all the ins and outs of running a program like ours. With decades of combined experience, they have “seen it all.” With the leadership of our “Chief Cat Herder,” Mary Lou Cantrell, the on-site team is prepared to help from the moment you register, through the joyous “welcome home!” when you enter the door and throughout the CLEF week.

The Team

Mary Lou Cantrel – Chief Cat Herder – Our Fearless leader, keeps us going, organized, and smiling.

Todd Dockrill – Airport Shuttle and On-Site Transportation – Assists with audio – all-around helper.

Cathy Farina – Chief Minion – Mary Lou’s right hand ‘Gal Friday,’ In charge of the Thursday Night After Party.

Peter Maher – Institutional Memory – Helps wherever and whenever needed – lives on caffeine.

Ann Von Hagel – Office Manager – Assists with Program Book information, on-site Computer assistance, T-shirt (and now Polo Shirt) distribution – maintains a limited “I forgot my….” box of supplies and personal health-related items.

Andy Wallace – Chief Sound Engineer – Often found leading late-night Jam sessions.