The Inaugural CLEF Summer Program! Jesuit Spiritual Center, Milford, Ohio. ◦ July 17 – 22, 2022

Program details: some background and the session choices.

A musical ensemble, also known as a music group or musical group, is a group of people who perform instrumental or vocal music, with the ensemble typically known by a distinct name. 

Ensembles may be solely instrumental, or they may consist of a group of instruments accompanying one or more singers. C.f.

Since the early days of the post-Vatican II Council, ensembles have played a significant role in fostering “full, active participation” in the liturgy. From the early “Folk Groups” to today’s groups known as “the 5:30 Group,” or “the Contemporary Ensemble,” to delineate them from “the traditional choir,” ensembles have become a leading voice in many churches.

To that end, it is our goal to support the ensemble musician, be they instrumentalist, cantor, or choral singer. Our program provides sessions for ensemble instrumentalists, ensemble vocalists, and a retreat track for those who desire a time of reflection. Additional time will be scheduled for private coaching with our team of experienced ensemble musicians.

Additional Program Highlights

  • Daily morning, evening, and Wednesday evening Taizé prayer
  • Thursday celebration of the Eucharist
  • Faculty Concert and Open Mic Concert by participants
  • Ample practice and free time built into the week

When an attendee registers, they indicate which Sessions they want to attend. Here are the choices

Ensemble Sessions

CLEF’s Summer Program offers 14 hours of hands-on musical ensemble
training. During ensemble sessions throughout the first three days,
participants are separated into groups of Instrumentalists and
Vocalists, where repertoire is worked through by each smaller group.
Later in the week, Instrumentalists and Vocalists come together and
work as one, further exploring effective ensemble techniques.
Throughout the hands-on training, participants discover insights and
skills that accentuate successful ensemble music-making.

Retreat Sessions

Retreat for ensemble musicians who prefer a week of directed spiritual renewal – When you enter the retreat, you will begin to feel yourself relax, slow down, breathe and rejuvenate. Leave behind the chaos and take time for YOU!

Private Coaching (Lessons)

As a part of the CLEF Summer Program experience, each participant will
be enrolled in at least one private coaching opportunity with a CLEF
faculty member. Participants identify their preferred instrument/voice
for coaching during the registration process and offer input on the
desired assistance needed. This one-on-one encounter with a
liturgical-music professional will assist participants in their
lifelong musical journey.