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Here are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions we have received.

I missed the Registration Deadline; can I still register?

Yes, we still have room for you. We anticipated the need for more spaces, and we reserved more rooms. If you have any questions, contact us at

How do I register for the CLEF Program?

Registering for the CLEF program is quite simple. But to make it easier, we have compiled a few “tips” to make your registration even simpler.
1)    Before you start, read the Privacy Policy
2)    Read the Registration Information Page
3)    Have your credit card with you
4)    Go to the Registration Page and register

How do the Private Coaching Sessions Work?

As a part of the CLEF Summer Program experience, each participant will
be enrolled in at least one private coaching opportunity with a CLEF
faculty member. Participants identify their preferred instrument/voice
for coaching during the registration process and offer input on the
desired assistance needed. This one-on-one encounter with a
liturgical-music professional will assist participants in their
lifelong musical journey.
For example, a participant may want to have a coaching session with one of the voice teachers to learn how to sing with more confidence while playing their primary instrument. Or, a Guitarist who also plays some Mandolin may want to have a lesson with a teacher on techniques of playing as an Obligato player without “stepping all over the rest of the ensemble.”
Some may seek Spiritual Direction; others may want to enhance their understanding of Liturgical Practices (The “Why’s of what we do). With the expertise offered at CLEF in so many disciplines, YOU decide on your Coaching Session.

Can I donate to CLEF?

Not yet. While CLEF is registered as a non-profit, our 501c 3 non-profit corporation status is still pending with the IRS. That means we have submitted our application and expect to be approved, but until we receive formal IRS approval, we cannot accept a tax-deductible donation. However, we will gratefully accept your donation once we have received our approval. Donations will help us further the work of CLEF.  

How Much Does It Cost To Become A Member?

There is no charge to become a member because CLEF is not a membership organization. There are no dues. There are costs associated with our summer program if you attend. Some of the software on our website may refer to “members,” but that’s just a software “quirk.”

Do I have to be Catholic to go to the CLEF Program?

No. We are Catholic, and we (the founders) primarily have served as ensemble musicians in the Catholic church, but the program applies to ensemble musicians from many faith traditions. To quote from one of the venerable songs of our “tradition,” “All are Welcome Here.”

What happened to BFEFP?

The Bobby Fisher Ensemble Formation Program or BFEFP was never meant to be more than it was, a group of professional colleagues who took a chance and stepped in when circumstances of Covid 19 canceled a beloved and necessary program. Rather than allow the program to lay fallow, this group took a risk and reimagined the program as a streamlined, highly focused, and ultimately successful program. Thus was born CLEF.

So, Is CLEF a thing? Is it going to be around, or is this just a one-off?

We are a registered non-profit, are pending IRS 501c 3 status, and are already discussing future programs that will further our Mission. We (The board members) all are committed to the long-term future of CLEF. We have all donated our sweat equity. We voluntarily, as we are able, have all donated financially. CLEF is a Passion Project for ALL of us; we believe in the Mission, the Vision and are committed to the long-term success of CLEF.

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