Why have we embarked on this mission at this time?

With a history of working with hundreds of ensemble musicians over many years in other educational programs, the CLEF board members recognized a need to continue offering a time and space specifically designed for non-professional, grassroots ensemble directors, instrumentalists, and singers. We desire to meet ensemble musicians exactly where they are, offering viable support and opportunities for growth in their ministries. We recognize that choir-based and professional parish musicians also need time to gather and continue their formation and growth, a need which is currently served by other organizations. We are called to work with, and for, ensemble musicians.

Why us?

The founding board members of CLEF have been involved as musicians and liturgists in ensembles for decades. Our team includes university-trained musicians, doctorate-level liturgists, and ensemble musicians with no formal training. We have been involved in ensembles with ongoing, continuing formation, as well as those who are left on their own to find competent training. We realize a considerable void exists in the formation and training afforded to ensembles. Given the wealth of experience and training we as a group possess, we feel called to share our gifts with others.

How do we propose to realize this Mission?

Since its founding in late 2021, CLEF has been best known for the CLEF Summer Program hosted in Milford, Ohio. However, the mission of our organization is much bigger than simply a summer program, and we are committed to reaching ensemble musicians across the United States throughout the year.

The CLEF Life resources available through our website and social media will offer education, skill building, and inspiration in the areas of music, liturgy, scripture, ministry, and spirituality.

We also seek to build a community where ensemble musicians and liturgists can connect with one another to share resources, offer support, and grow together.

As our organization continues to grow, we will also explore opportunities for in-person formation programs in locations where there is a significant need for ensemble-focused education and support.