Why have we embarked on this Mission at this time?

With a history of working with hundreds of ensemble musicians over many years in other educational programs, we recognize a need to continue offering a time and space specifically designed for non-professional, grassroots ensemble directors, instrumentalists, and singers. We desire to meet ensemble musicians exactly where they are, offering viable support and opportunities for growth in their ministries. We recognize that choir-based and professional parish musicians also need time to gather and continue their formation and growth; however, it is for others to create and lead those programs. We are called to work with, and for, ensemble musicians.

Why us?

The founders of CLEF have been involved as both musicians and liturgists in Ensembles for over half a century. Our Team includes University trained musicians, Doctorate level Liturgists, as well as those with no formal training. We have been involved in Ensembles with ongoing, continuing formation, as well as those who are left on their own to find competent training. We realize a considerable void exists in the formation and training afforded to Ensembles. Given the wealth of experience and training we as a group possess, we feel obligated to share our gifts with others.

How do we propose to realize this Mission?

Initially, we will continue to build on the success of our most recent Bobby Fisher Ensemble Formation Program (BFEFP). With a proven track record, we are committed to evolving the CLEF Summer Program to better meet the needs of the attendees. In addition, we will look for ways to grow this program specifically within geographical areas without “traditional” resources.

The Catholic church has many under-served communities. We are committed to serving these communities by adapting our Formation Program and offering it in multiple locations where the need is greatest.

Through social media, we hope to build a community of Ensemble musicians and liturgists. We hope to engage this community in ongoing discussions, continuing education, and effective use of social media where Ensemble directors, instrumentalists, and singers can find answers to their questions from seasoned liturgical ensemble musicians.

The Inaugural CLEF Summer Program! Jesuit Spiritual Center, Milford, Ohio. ◦ July 17 – 22, 2022